Who we are...

NewFields Ag is an innovative agricultural science and technology company that has a passion for improving agriculture with Cleaner. Safer. Greener. solutions for ag suppliers and farmers. It is a provider of liquid biologicals, liquid and dry seed treatments, planter box lubricants & biologicals and other crop inputs. NewFields Ag provides Climate-Smart solutions that aid in improving soil & plant health, increasing crop yields, and food inputs quality. NewFields Ag is headquartered in Grand Mound, Iowa and works with customers and resellers in over 30 states and Canada.

Our Values

Our Values

  • We respect and value our partners who provide whole-hearted service in agriculture
  • We value knowledge, sustainability, and innovation
  • We value family and safety on our farms and businesses
  • We value quality products serviced with strong business ethics
  • We value friendliness and open communication, helpfulness, and hard work
  • We value professionalism and solution-oriented focus when working with suppliers and farmers

Our Company Team

Our Company Team

  • We are proud to offer safe, innovative products that are cleaner and greener
  • We are dedicated to being accessible during the height of your seasons
  • We understand and live in agriculture and are grateful to serve the Ag Industry
  • We are committed to a great customer experience
  • We value relationships and are family focused




NewFields Ag is operated by a group of multi-generational farmers who provide innovative solutions for problems in agriculture.

Our group of leaders is dedicated to increasing accessibility to leading edge solutions that provide Cleaner. Safer. Greener. products to improve your common practices.

Our team has developed a trusted network of key vendors and scientists who prioritize soil health, plant & animal health and maximizing results.

What sets us apart is our ability to provide knowledge and education of our products purpose with an understanding of the results that you can expect.

Michael Musselman

Principal | SVP Sales & Marketing

Dave Kloostra

Principal | SVP Supply Chain, Operations and Product Creation

David Walton

Principal & SVP Business Development

Dan Johnson

Business Development Manager – Western US

John Buck

Business Development Manager – Eastern Cornbelt

Amanda Hill

Business Development Manager – Eastern Cornbelt

Talia Eberhart

Office and Accounting Manager

Sophia Sulzner

Social Media and Business Message Coordinator

Tracy Gasper

Warehouse and Shipping Consultant

Shane Glover

Graphic Artist and Product Image Coordinator

Deb Tulley