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Azo is an easy to use liquid all-crop inoculants.  It is made of Azospirillum brasilense bacteria. This bacterium fixes atmospheric nitrogen and increases plant health in all plants. When using Azo corn, wheat and all crops benefit from the increase in biologically fixed nitrogen. Nitrogen is the most important macro nutrient for all plant growth. Biologically fixed nitrogen does not leach, volatilize, or have loss from denitrification. Biologically fixed nitrogen is present all season long to feed your plant and increase yield. Many studies show increases in protein content of the grain. 

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Jeff Pritchard 

Whether it is the Boss B4, the Terrasym, Envita, Phenom, we’re really excited about all the opportunities that those products offer our growers to get better yields, to fix problems. There’s so many great things coming that we can use to get better

Jeff Pritchard

Pritchard Ag LLC

Trenton Carley

I really like that NewFields has everything from dry planter box to some liquid options. This gives us a range to pick from so as we match those products up to the customer, they’re able to integrate that in pretty seamlessly with what they’re already doing. Having the ability to dump the products in the planter box has been real easy for those guys who are used to doing that. We also have the farms that are already running an in-furrow starter it been easy just to change the mix up a little bit, throw it in the tank and away they go.

Trenton Carley

Full Throttle Farms

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