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Bigshot Maxim (Safe. Effective. Insect Control)

Bigshot Maxim (Safe. Effective. Insect Control)

Bigshot Maxim is a botanical pest control solution that offers long-lasting residuals with adulticide and knock down attributes. Safe for pollinators, organically grown, and with a fresh scent, it is designed to release its active ingredients over time (lasts 21-30 days) for maximum efficacy.

  • Increased animal performance - successfully used in dairy barns to increase milk production and promote animal welfare. 
  • Improved work environment - Effective control of a long list of insects that make your work environment buggy to be in. 
  • Improved plant/crop performance - kills the boring and chewing insects that damage your plants and helps the crop stay healthier and perform better. Great on crops and great for your garden. 
  • Safe for you and yours - Safe around humans, pets, and pollinators with a fresh botanical scent.
  • Safe stuff inside the package - ingredients are from organic sources, not harsh chemicals. 

Available in Ready-to-Use (RTU) sizes and Concentrate for mixing before use. 

Application Instructions

Animal Applications: Contact a NewFields Ag dealer for application rates to farm facilities and farm animals such as cattle, horses, swine and other animals.

Crop Applications:

Ground Rig: 0.6-0.75 oz. per gallon of spray mix with a per acre rate of 7-10 gallons of spray mix.

Aerial Application: 4-5 oz. per acre with 2-3 gallons of mix per acre.

Pests and Molds:

Soybeans, Cotton and Wheat - apply 4-5 oz. per acre diluted into 7 gallons of water per acre.

Vegetables, citrus, hemp, and other specialty crops, please contact a NewFields Ag dealer for use and application rates.

Refer to the product label for more details.

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