(Season-long N-Fixer/P&K Solubilizer) 
Bolst-R is an exciting new entry to our dry, planter-box lineup of exceptional products for your farm. Bolst-R is a blend of 4 forms of N-fixing Bacillus, 1 form of a Potassium solubilizing Bacillus, and 1 form of a Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria.  
• Increased Nitrogen Availability – feeds your crop season-long by converting soil microbes into nitrogen. 
• Improved Root Structure – Field studies show bigger root surface area, root diameter, number of root tips/volume, and total root length. 
• Stronger Natural Crop Defense – Helps lower the disease incidence in the plants. Shows a bio-pesticidal potential against insects such as nematodes as well as fungi. 
• Improved Phosphorus and Potassium Efficiency –
Promotes the availability of P and K in the soil helping to improve crop performance and yield. 
• Higher Return on Your Investment – The low use rate and lower per acre investment with the many agronomic benefits can put more money in your pocket.  
• Convenient and Easy Application – Apply over the seed in the planter-box or through the pro-box. It will adhere to the seed and be ready to work as soon as it gets in-furrow. 
Available as a Planter-Box (PB) application at ½ oz. per of unit seed.

Application Instructions


Make this the last treatment so it is on the outermost part of all treatments, taking advantage of the superior seed lubricity from the DUST product.

May be applied with other registered seed treatment insecticides and fungicides. Under moderate to severe pressure, for improved performance, use product in a program with other registered insecticides effective against corn rootworm for seed treatment.


Simply sprinkle over entire top of corn in planter box. Best practice is to work it around with your hands or a stirring tool.

For Northern, Southern and Western Corn Rootworm - 0.5 oz per unit of seed


ProBoxes - Sprinkle product over the entire top of the probox. Dump full probox into an empty probox and back into the original probox. Done.

For Northern, Southern and Western Corn Rootworm - 0.5 oz per unit of seed

(One Unit of seed is equal to 80,000 kernels)

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