Carry-R Foliar

Carry-R Foliar

Carry-R Foliar was designed as a soy protein based wettable powder to deliver plant necessary inclusions effectively and efficiently for the farmer. Carry-R was designed for ease of inclusion in existing foliar blends to further enhance the plant response desired by the foliar products applied.  

  • Catalyst to Plant Growth and Development – abundant in micronutrients and essential elements such as NPK, Carry-R is also rich in vitamins, amino acids, and phytohormones.
  • Advancing Regenerative Ag – ingredients in Carry-R are renewable and sustainable, contributing back to American farmers.
  • Improved Soil Fertility – Offers N and P levels higher than traditional cow dung manure as a soil amendment directly on the soil.
  • Enhanced Sugar Creation and Nutrient Uptake – brings increased resilience to abiotic stressors such as drought as well as biotic stressors such as disease and insects, keeping your crop utilizing its energy for yield.
  • Can Help Regulate Development – microalgal phytohormones serve as plant bio-stimulants with signaling molecules that can regulate different facets of growth and development. 
  • Perfect Inclusion Carrier – Amino acids from the patented soy protein base provide a foot source to any microbes you may add to your foliar mix.
  • Extended Suspension Time – will stay in suspension for up to 7 days without settling out. Really!
  • Clean and Safe for You – allows you to handle and breathe-in with your safety and health in mind. Just add it to water.
  • We have tested Carry-R with many of the popular post-emerge products, but we always recommend doing compatibility testing with any materials desired to apply to your crops. 

Application Instructions


Make this the last treatment so it is on the outermost part of all treatments, taking advantage of the superior seed lubricity from the DUST product.

May be applied with other registered seed treatment insecticides and fungicides. Under moderate to severe pressure, for improved performance, use product in a program with other registered insecticides effective against corn rootworm for seed treatment.


Simply sprinkle over entire top of corn in planter box. Best practice is to work it around with your hands or a stirring tool.

For Northern, Southern and Western Corn Rootworm - 0.5 oz per unit of seed


ProBoxes - Sprinkle product over the entire top of the probox. Dump full probox into an empty probox and back into the original probox. Done.

For Northern, Southern and Western Corn Rootworm - 0.5 oz per unit of seed

(One Unit of seed is equal to 80,000 kernels)

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