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NutriPhi (Manure and Compost Management)

NutriPhi (Manure and Compost Management)

NutriPhi is specifically designed for beef, dairy, and hog operations to help manage solids, reduce run-off, and diminish harmful odors in barns, houses, and lagoons. 

  • Healthier environment for animals and humans - improves air quality in confinement buildings and around lagoons. 
  • Easier handling of manure - digests sludge and crust from lagoons and manure pits and liquifies the solids for easier pumping into machines and out of machines. 
  • Decreased costs - reduces agitation time and expense.
  • Saves money - enhances the nutrient value of manure, saving money on the need to purchase more inputs.  
  • Healthier farm environment - improves air quality in and around confinement buildings.


In row crops, NutriPhi is used to promote efficient breakdown of crop residue, moving these nutrients back into the soil for quicker use by the following crop. 

Learn more about using NutriPhi for crop residue by clicking here.

Application Instructions

*Please, refer to Product Sell Sheet and Product Label below for detailed instructions on usage rates.

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