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MycoGold® + DUST™ (for Corn) - Next Generation Inoculant

MycoGold® + DUST™ (for Corn) - Next Generation Inoculant

Developed By Farmers, For Farmers - MycoGold

As a farmer, you understand the importance of healthy soil in achieving optimal crop production. That’s why MycoGold® is a game-changer. It provides you with a complete package of beneficial microorganisms, including mycorrhizal fungi, a biostimulant package, and nitrogen-generating bacteria, that work together to restore the balance of your soil and maximize your crop yield.

Symbiotic Relationship: Crops and Mycorrhizal Fungi

Beneath the surface of your soil, a natural habitat supports your crops’ growth. One of the key players in this ecosystem is mycorrhizal fungi, which form a symbiotic relationship with your crops. These fungi help your crops get the water and nutrients they need to grow by creating hyphae, which are thin strands that grow from within the root cells of your crops and spread out into the soil. This enhances the root system and allows for greater efficiency in the uptake of nutrients and water.

Unfortunately, modern agricultural practices have disrupted this delicate balance and decimated the mycorrhizal fungi in our soils. This has resulted in decreased crop yield and lower-quality crops. However, there is a solution to this problem – MycoGold®.

MycoGold® is a powerful biological inoculant that contains mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial microorganisms. This complete package biological inoculant arsenal is designed to help farmers like you achieve maximum crop yield and quality.

Perfect Inclusion Carrier and Seed Lubricant - What's been labeled as "the perfect carrier" for biology, DUST™ has proven over millions of acres to be a healthy environment for hosting active biologicals because of its amino acid composition. A plus is its shape and superior lubricating ability for better seed singulation, improved stand, and reduced wear on planter parts. DUST™ is environmentally superior and safer to use than talc and graphite. 

8-20% Possible Yield Increases - it restores the delicate balance of your soil by reintroducing beneficial microorganisms that have been lost due to modern agricultural practices. By improving nutrient uptake and soil biology, MycoGold seed inoculant supports plant growth leading to yield increases. 

Improved Drought Resistance - MycoGold® contains a range of other beneficial biostimulants that helps against drought stress, reduce disease, and increase nutrient uptake.

10-25% Reduction in Fertilizer - MycoGold® contains nitrogen-generating bacteria that provide up to 40 lbs of nitrogen per acre, making it an ideal solution for nitrogen-deficient soils. Its key bacteria and fungi work as bio-fertilizers that fix Nitrogen, unlock P, and create better root development and soil biology which allows better uptake of nutrients.

Improved Pest Resistance - Through root colonization, researchers have determined better plant defense against disease. The Beauveria Bassiana fungi grows endophytically through the plant defending against various insect pests. 


Application Instructions

1. This product may settle in the container during shipment. Gently agitate the container prior to use, with the lid securely in place, by turning the container end over end a few times to loosen material if settling has indeed occurred.

2. Open container

(1 scoop = 1 ounce of DUST)

3. Begin with 1 scoop of DUST sprinkled over the top of 2 units of seed. Do not dump product in one place but distribute evenly over the top of the seed. Usage rates will vary by planter type and size.

4. Put lid back on container.

5. Keep container closed and in a dry location.

Refer to the product label below for more detailed instructions.

  • $7.80/unit

Quantity will be calculated based on the expected acres to be treated below. Soybeans based on 140,000 seeds per acre and corn is based on 34,000 seeds per acre.

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