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Forti-5 PAAC (Amino Acid Chelated MicroNutrient Mix)

Forti-5 PAAC (Amino Acid Chelated MicroNutrient Mix)

Forti-5 PAAC is uniquely designed to provide a full pack of micronutrients directly to your crops. This foliar applied product is stable and electroneutral so as to be nonreactive. This allows for fewer trips, investing less time, and reduced field compaction. For use on corn, soybeans, wheat, milo, silage, alfalfa, small grains, vegetables and other crops. Foliar applied at 16 oz/acre with 20 gallons of water. See label. 

Advantages of Amino Acid Chelated Micronutrients over EDTA Chelated Micronutrients

***Smaller Molecular size and weight

***Electroneutral - Instead of getting trapped on the surface of the leaf, Forti-5 PAAC Amino Acid Fertilizers are stable and neutral, thus passing through leaf surface into the plant.

***Avoids antagonisms.

***Can be applied at time of other chemical application (with Jar Test Check)

**Freely passes through cuticle - Xylem transports water and inorganic minerals in one direction via roots to leaves - (capillary action).

***Recognized by the plant as proteinaceous, nitrogen containing - Amino Acid Chelated Minerals are able to use the plant’s phloem because of the nitrogen in the amino acid.

***Moves by the plant via phloem - Phloem transports sugar and nitrogen compounds around the plant wherever it is most needed.

Benefits of the nutrients in Forti-5 PAAC include:

Total Nitrogen 3.00%

Sulfur 2.00%: Assist in Nitrogen metabolism, protein and oil synthesis. Necessary for chlorophyll formation

Magnesium 0.90%: Enzyme activation and protein synthesis. The Chloroplast is the “powerhouse” of the plant cell. Chlorophyll is directly involved in photosynthesis and is also one of the most important natural chelates. At the center of this vital molecule there is a Magnesium ion. Supplying the plant with the correct minerals in the most bioavailable form is critical for improved plant performance.

Boron 0.50%: Important for pollination, seed production and stimulating growth.

Copper 1.00%: Works with nitrogen use in the plant, helps convert amino acid and improves disease resistance

Iron : Helps in chlorophyll production, respiration, and energy transfer.

Manganese 0.50%: Works in respiration, chlorophyll development, photosynthesis and nitrogen use. Is essential for photosynthesis and nitrogen. Also, involved in pollen growth and improved disease resistance.

Zinc 1.00%: Compound of enzymes for growth and development. Improves root growth and disease resistance.

Warning: The application of Boron on any crops other than those recommended may result in serious injury to the crop.

Application Instructions

16 ozs./acre with a minimum of 2.5 gallons of water/acre. Reduce amount of water if putting through a drone - minimum of 1.5 gallons/acre.

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