LeafTech (On-Demand Leaf Tissue Analysis)

LeafTech (On-Demand Leaf Tissue Analysis)

LeafTech On-Demand Leaf Tissue Analysis is a groundbreaking handheld device that gives users the power of a digital lab in the palm of their hand. It quickly geo-locates plants for easy access and provides detailed analytical data on a plant's leaf tissue nutrient composition. This cutting-edge tech is an essential aid for anyone studying plant health.

  • Make decisions quicker - it removes the time delay to achieve a crop's production potential with faster, targeted corrective actions while improving nutrient and environmental stewardship. LeafTech provides analysis in 3-5 minutes as compared to 5-7 days waiting for results from a lab. 
  • Make smart decisions - accurate data points. Up-to 97% accurate as compared to lab samples. 
  • Save money - this on-demand tissue analysis technology provides 30x or more site-specific data points at 3% of the cost of sending samples to a lab.
  • Save more money - reduced input cost/unit of production to improve yields and quality in your crop. 

Current nutrients measured as we add more - 

  • Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium
  • Sulfur - Zinc - Copper - Iron - Boron - Manganese - Magnesium - Calcium
  • Leaf Water Content (LWC)

Terms -

  • This is a scan-as-a-service subscription. Includes scanner, software, case, battery, charger and unlimited scans for the growing season. 
  • At the end of the cropping season, the scanner will be returned to NewFields Ag within 20 business days of season end. 
  • This allows software updates to be made to these units for the coming growing season, so you have the most up to date machine in your hand for your operation. 
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