SoyFX™ (built for Soybeans)

SoyFX™ (built for Soybeans)

SoyFX™ is a specific/unique combination of identified and tested microbials that elicit a positive crop response. SoyFX™ unlocks the plant's ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites that enhance production through biosynthetic pathway efficiencies. 

  • Flexibility - apply as a seed treatment, in-furrow, or as a foliar
  • Increased branching - microbes manipulate the plant into activating the lower axillary buds into developing branches. Up-to 11% more branches.
  • Increased pods - with additional branching comes more pods. Up-to 28% increase in pod count with SoyFX™ treated plants. A healthier plant also produces less aborted pods.
  • Increased nodulation - Facilitative anaerobic bacteria support the production of nodules in upper inch of soil. Nodules fix Nitrogen into a form usable to the plant. Independent research documented a 23% increase in nodulation with SoyFX™.
  • Efficacy after a hail event - Microbes within SoyFX™ trigger regrowth at point of breakage rather than relying on lower axillary buds. Product allows for a quicker, more aggressive recovery from a hailstorm resulting in lower yield loss. 

Available as a liquid Seed Treatment (ST), Liquid In-Furrow (LiF), or Foliar (F) application. 

Application Instructions

Seed Treatment Application: 1 fl. oz. per 50 lbs. Can be applied alone or in combination
with other seed treatments.

In Furrow Application: 16 fl. oz. per acre and minimum of 5 gpa total volume.

Foliar Application: 16 fl. oz. per acre with 10 to 20 gallons water. May be tank mixed with other products. Early vegetative application (V2-V4) would be ideal.

Packaging: 4x120 oz. jugs (seed applied), 2x2.5 gallon jugs
(in furrow and foliar), 275-gallon bulk shuttles (in furrow and foliar)

  • ST = $9.16/unit
  • LIF= $12.03/acre
  • Foliar= = $12.03/acre
Application Type

Quantity will be calculated based on the expected acres to be treated below. Soybeans based on 140,000 seeds per acre and corn is based on 34,000 seeds per acre.

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